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   If you don’t see a class time or age group that works for you, please call or email and we’ll                                                       do our best to accommodate.

          Registering Late? No problem, pricing will be adjusted based on number of classes left

Only Your Bubble

We are excited to offer an option for families and friends to create their own class. During this time, only members of your bubble +1 coach will have access to the gym. Equipment will be sanitized before and after class and coaches will wear masks if physical distancing is not possible. Please call or email for any inquiries and/or arrangements. Scheduling is flexible.

For up to 6 participants-min 6 class commitment.  


0-12 months – BYOB – Bring Your Own Baby

This one is for the new moms out there; sorry dad. This 1 hour class is led by a certified post-natal fitness instructor and is a blend of light strength, functional movement and flexibility training where you bring your new little bundle of joy. Babies make a great training weight for various reasons, they’re constantly increasing and they’re sooo much cuter than metal.

9mo-18mo & 12mo-24mo – Bouncing Babies

This class provides an opportunity for parents/caregivers to bond with their little ones through a range of activities designed to help develop balance, coordination and gross motor abilities. Your little one will get to run, jump, climb, roll, twist, kick, throw & catch…sounds exhausting…time for a nap.

2yr-3.5yr – Tumbling Toddlers

OMG your little one is growing quick now and is probably climbing everything in site. Here we provide an opportunity for your tumbler to explore the gym while mastering spatial and body awareness.

All Parent/Child classes are 45min. Ratios are 1 adult:1 child with a maximum of 6 children participating at a time.

If you have multiple children and are unable to work within our class ratios, please feel free to reach out to us directly and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Guess I’m on my own now

3yr-4yr – Look at me I’m 3

At this point the only thing that can wear out your precious little monster is other precious little monsters. Sit back and relax, we have this situation under control. Children will hone in on their interacting & listening skills while challenging themselves to move creatively over, under and through obstacle courses.

Duration – 45min/class


4yr-5yr – TumbleStars

5yr-6yr – TumbleMasters

In school already?!? Now your little angels can focus for long periods of time and follow all directions thoroughly & attentively, right? Just kidding, but now we do add more structure. Muscular & skeletal strength is quickly developing so children can challenge themselves even more now and they still have tons of energy to burn; so lets get them on all the equipment. By bed time you’ll really be thanking us so – you’re welcome.

Duration – 45min/class

Gymnastics Levels 1-10


Our curriculum incorporates the 4 apparatus of women’s gymnastics: Floor, Beam, Bars and Vault. We have a 10 Level system where gymnasts start with the basics and work through progressions to gain strength and master more advanced skills. As our gymnasts progress they will group multiple skills together creating and performing routines.

Duration – 1hr/class

Parkour Levels 1-10


We have created an entire curriculum to help children and youth take physical literacy to the next level. Traceurs will explore fun and creative ways of moving over under and through obstacles with speed and efficiency. As we progress into the higher levels we incorporate tricking and have our traceurs experiment with creating their own obstacles throughout the gym.

Duration – 1hr/class 

Personal and Private Group Training – Tired of treadmills? Try some fun, functional movements. We now offer 1-on-1 as well as private group, training sessions. Depending on your goals we can work with TRX cables and calisthenics, or we can use all the gymnastics equipment to refresh old moves and potentially learn some new ones.

1-on-1 $45/45min ; Group of 2-6 people $25/45min/person- no commitment 

Scheduling is flexible. These prices are based on weekdays before 4pm, there is a premium for evenings and weekends.  Please call or email to arrange.

Coming Soon:

30 min Express – These classes are an opportunity for all the busy people out there to sneak in a quick full body workout either early in the morning, or maybe on a quick lunch break. Breakdown is approx. 5 min warm-up, 15 min med-to-high intensity workout and 10 min of light core work and stretching, now back to work.

1 whole hour – If you have a little more time, lets stretch it out a bit. Here you’ll get a full body workout and a chance to bring out your inner child by incorporating a little bit of gymnastics and parkour inspired movements into your training.